Admiral Bitman

Admiral Bitman is one of the Chiefs of the Galactic Knights. He commands the X3G Zinophole, a modified X3G-class star vessel and uses it as his base of operatins.

Facts and History:

  • Real Name: Winston Mike Bitman
  • Occupations: Pizza Delivery Man, Street Fighter, and Galactic Knight Admiral
  • Weapons: Skilled with the twin plasma blades
  • Age: 30 years old
  • Was born to a pair of farmers in south Illinois
  • Grew up to be a Pizza Delivery Man/Street Fighter but after an encounter with the Nougse he realized that the galaxy needed defenders and he, along with a few other people, founded the Galactic Knights
  • He is currently training Okbar Shale, the youngest and most prodigal member of his unit.