Dr. Inferno sits down a desk with a pen trying to make a plans for a robot. He drops the pen on the floor and yells, "I can't think." Slime Zaster walks in. He says, "My Helicopter is parked outside. So make this quick, boss." Agent Chase looks up the tall wall and says, "How do we get in." Agent Charge says, "We could use this grappling hook." Jon White fires a gun at Agent Chase and Agent Charge. It hits the Agents Car. Jon White yells, "Try and get up here now agents." The rope starts to break as Agent Chase and Agent Charge hold on. Jon White runs away as he drops dynamite. Agent Chase falls on the ground as the dynamite falls on him. He gets the dynamite and throws it at the building. Agent Charge flys off the ropes and into the Agents Mobile Center. Jon White follows them in the Spy Copter. Not knowing a bomb was placed in the Agents Mobile Center and not when its going to go off.