The Agents Mobile Center drives across Rocky Mountain. Jon White says, "The Mobile shall be destoryed." Jon White presses a button in the Spy Copter. Agent Chase hears beeping and looks in the fuel tank. He sees the bomb about to go off. He grabs it and throws it at the Spy Copter and hits it. Agent Charge starts to see the Mobile Center spark. Agent Charge picks up his commuictator and says, "What are you doing." Agent Chase says, "Stoping a bomb from killing us." Agent Charge says, "Who's bomb." Agent Chase says, "Jon White's." Agent Charge puts up his commuictator. Jon White trys and walks across the top of the Mobile Center. He opens the top and knocks-out Agent Charge and pulls him out. Jon White puts him in his fixed plane. Agent Chase walks to the drivers seat and sees that Agent Charge is gone. He looks in the back and sees a robot the Dr. Inferno calls The Deadly Inferno. Dr. Inferno says, "The Robo is coming to kill. The Robo is coming the lie. But I came to scare." Agent Chase says, "Oh great."