BANG, BANG! A Spyclops shot for the third and fourth time, but Agent Chase dodged all of them. He spun around and whacked the Spyclops in the face with his foot. The Spyclops fell to the ground in a twitching heap.

“Ugh,” the Spyclops groaned as Chase stood above him.
“As usual,” Chase said, “the Inferno's lose.”

Beep. Beep. The radar went off.

Fuse ran to the Mobile Command Center’s computer. “Agent Chase!” he said, calling outside. “There's Inferno activity on the mountains!”

“Where?” Chase asked as the rest of the Agents cleaned up the battle scene. He climbed up the ladder, and then ran to stand beside Fuse.

Fuse looked over his shoulder and replied, “On the north side!”

“I'll go check it out with the Jetpack,” Chase said. “The rest of you Agents stay here!”



Saw Fist ran out of snow-covered, metal building and into a blizzard. “Ha, ha, ha!!!” he laughed as looked at the red crystal in his hand. He put the crystal on the back of his scooter and got on. He started it up and went down a trail, his treads kicking snow behind him. As he went down the hill, he heard a whirring sound—like propellers.

“What?!” Saw Fist yelled as he saw Agent Chase on the Helipack flying towards him. “Impossible!” Saw Fist switched on his scooter’s cannon.

Chase fired his guns as Saw Fist fired the cannon.

Saw Fist missed.

Chase hit the treads on the scooter.

Saw Fist lost control. He fought the controls and fired again. But he missed again.

“Time to get serious,” Chase said to himself. He came closer to the scooter and deployed the hook on his jet pack. He tried several times to get the crystal, but couldn't. Then he shot again and hit the scooter's body. The scooter went out of control and crashed into a snow-covered rock.

Agent Chase landed next to the crashed scooter and took off the Helipack. He set the pack aside, took the crystal off the scooter, and pointed his gun at Saw Fist. Then he said, “You have a lot of questions to answer!”

“Great…,” Saw Fist groaned.