Batman and Robin are walking down Base Street when a Mail Truck drives around the corner as Headband jumps out. Batman says, "Hello Headband." Headband says, "Well Hello." Robin yells, "This is an Imposter!" Headband pulls out his box of headbands. Robin says, "Now I believe you." Headband says, "Don't believe with your eyes. But with your heart." Robin says, "Well whatever book you're reading. Stop reading it." Headband makes the headbands into a bandy weapon. Under the ground lays Darkness Joe's Lair. Darkness Joe says, "Dark Minions raise from the ground of with you lay. We shall destroy Batman and Robin." The minions stick they hands from under the nailed ground. The Dark Skeleton and all other minions jump from under the ground. Darkness Joe yells, "Tonight we shall rule gotham." Bob Jones said, "Not to make you mad boss. But Batman and Robin will..." Darkness Joe hits him with a blot of lighting and says, "Anyone else wants to sass me." All the skeletons stay quiet. Darkness Joe says, "I see we understand each other."

This chapter was featured in a BrickPost issue, March '11.