Batman,Robin and Headband slowy walk across the wooden floor. A black skeleton hand reaches out from the floor boards. He yells, "Death I suffer but now I'm dead and reaching through the boards of this broken grounds." Batman sees the hand and pulls it off. Bob says, "That won't help." Batman looks up as the floor boards break under him. The Skeleton Captain walks up from the broken boards. He says, "Sword and bones aren't enough for Darkbeard, Captain of THE DEAD." He pulls out sword and attacks. Headband says to Robin, "He's got bones." Darkbeard raises his sword and throws it at Headband. Headband dodges the sword. Batman gets out of the floor boards. He sees SUPREME CHEMINALS nearby. He grabs Darkbeard and holds his face over the SUPREME CHEMINALS. Batman says, "Just one question. Were's Darkness Joe." Blackbeard says, "I don't know. He made me come through the floor boards here not there." Batman says, "Hes got a point." Blackbeard says, "Don't test me. I will slice you into the dead man I am today."