One day at Gotham Harbor. People are boarding on the S.S. Gotham. Somebody walked over the the punch bowl. Skelton jumps out of the punch bowl and blasts Jon Key. Skelton says, "Give me the key to Skelton, Jon." Jon Key says, "Never Skelton." Skelton says, "Then I shall blow up this boat." Batman,Robin and Headband swing onto the boat. Captain Class says, "Hello Headband." Headband says, "Hello Class." Skelton shots Headband off the boat. Skelton laughs. Skelton yells, "NO GIVE ME THE KEY." Jon Key smacks Skelton. Skelton throws the punch bowl at Jon Key and knocks him out. Batman hits Skelton in the head. Batman says, "He'll never give you the key, Skelton." Skelton jumps off the boat and into the water.

This chapter was featured in a BrickPost issue, January '11.

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