.one fine day.

ahhhhh screamed tahu

MWHAHAHHAH said the skrall

NO said tahu .tahu picked up his flame sowrd. arghhhh went the skrall

tahu said gresh

yes said tahu

are you ok? said gresh

yes said tahu

GUYS GUYS said raanu

yes said tahu and gresh its rakshi they came to distroy gelu and mata nui said raanu

.THUD!!!!!!. what on earth was that said gelu

.it was matanui. mwhahhahahaaa went tuma

SIR said 5000 skrall

ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!! said tuma

YES SIR RHIGT AWAY SIR said the skrall

mata nui said gelu

yes gelu i knew it itknew youd come said matanui


.to be continued.

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