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Chapter 1

Everyday at 12:30 PM, all the officers head down to the Cafeteria for lunch. I passed Bill's room wile I was going for Lunch. Bill doesn't like to be disturbed, and usually get pretty angry when he is. So I didn't disturb him. On everybodys door, there is a light.

The light changes different colors depending the length of time you've had the door closed. at 4:00, when most people leave, I usually pass Bill's door. When I passed it this time, the light was Purple (indicating he had been in his room for 5+ hours). I knew something must be up.

I tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge. The boss was passing by, so I told him about the door. He tried to open it, but failed the same as me. So finally, he opened it with his pass chip, and we both were shocked at what we saw.

We found Bill dead on his chair, with gunshots in his body. His giant Computer was destroyed also. We don't put Security Cameras in our employees rooms, so we had no way of seeing who the killer was.

We did all we could to find the killer.