Captin brickbeard is the pirate captin in the pirates· He was attacked by a shark once.he has a pet called Blak


Captin brick beard Edit

brickbeard is the captin of the Crew and is 6"4 and was born on 6th.april.1994 and has a beard. his dad was kidnapped and never seen again for years he looked. When he turned 18 one of his legs and an arm got ripped of so he had a pegleg and hook hand fitted instead. Then he built a boat with his friend joe a lass , a crazy sailor and a conrade from college. now they are still looking for tresure but he is looking for his dad. Brickbeards crew is trying to stop lord Shadow and his evil çrèw from getting the sapphire to the legendary whale to cause vicious storms.


The pirates: shark bait


Blak is Brickbeards parrot!


  1. brickbeard is lucky to live after the horrific shark attack.
  2. Brickbeards nickname is B.B!
  3. blak can carry a person via his claws.
  4. black was Indigo when first born!