Written by: SKP4472

Note:This will be part of a script I will use for a Brickfilm that will be in production from 2012 that I shall make.

Summary Edit

After five years since the destruction of the Death Star, the crew of the Millennium Falcon find themselves in trouble after leaving Endor, when an Imperial Star Destroyer exits Hyperspace badly damaged and in need of instant assisstance. The Destroyer hails the Falcon and Admiral ? (name coming soon) appears onscreen explaining that when the first Death Star was destroyed, the Empire were developing a new weapon and created the second Death Star to meerly bluff them. He later on ends the communication link saying "This war, is only just, beginning." with that everything goes silent until the Falcon is caught by a tractor beam from the Destroyer. The Destroyer then targets the Falcon with an unknown weapon which can't be identified. The weapon is then fired and the Falcon is hit recieving critical damage to the starboard deflector array located near the cockpit. After using the last of it's power to fire the weapon, the dying Destroyer goes up in flames and then implodes, presumably killing the Admiral. The Falcon then goes spinning out of control and enters Hyperspace in reverse.

To be continued...

Part 1 Edit

It's been five years since the destruction of the Death Star. Han Solo and Princess Leia are now married.

Not finished yet...