Biff and Gemma were surrounded By Robots and Aliens.

Gemma:You get to the supplies pile and make a weapon while I cover you.

Biff went to the supplies.Gemma couldn't Crack threw Robots Armor. Biff created a blaster. He realized there was no ammunition. Biff saw a Green crystal. He went to it and put it in the blaster. It turned into a laser. A Robot blasted it sending its energy all over the place. Biff and Gemma took cover. An army of Robots and Aliens kept on coming. Just then a supply ship landed above the battlegrounds. It sent in several Astronauts and Supplies. The Aliens started to retreat But the Robots kept on coming. Several Gripper bots Destroyed the Robots.


Gemma:I know.

So, the Astronauts started to rebuild there base. Several people were trained, But where did the aliens run off? Several Aliens were going to retaliate...Soon.

To be continued