"The Insectoid's Camp" is home to the Insectoids. It is located inside a large crater filled with many smaller craters. In the center of the camp is a large open space where apprentices train and Insectoids sunbathe. Along the edge of the crater is a man-made hole which houses the kitchen, a place when everyone gets their food and the cook lives and sleeps. In one of the smaller craters is the apprentices' den, where the apprentices sleep. In another is the warriors' den, where they sleep, while yet another is the elders' den. Towards the center is the nursery where the queens live while expecting or nursing kits. The kits also live there until they are old enough to become apprentices. The largest of the smaller craters houses the doctor's den. Dug a little ways outside the camp is the High Crater, where the leader sleeps and adresses the group. Underneath the camp is a vast complex called the "Miners' Den" where the miners drill for gems and make a living. It is sometimes used as a secondary camp when the main camp is invaded.