lego city adventures is about lego city


  1. clutch powers
  2. peg
  3. josh
  4. amy
  5. river
  6. mantax(minifigure)
  7. jason
  8. cooper
  9. mason
  10. hooper
  11. max(the lego club mascot)
  12. oficer speed
  13. oficer XZTAR(master of the skys)
  14. patrick
  15. sandy
  16. henry
  17. the dude
  18. the brickster(from lego island)
  19. the brickster bots(they serve the brickster)
  20. oficer beef
  21. oficer meat
  22. oficer charge(lego agents charge)
  23. oficer hardcore A.K.A oficer extreme


lego city episode1:day one

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