Chapter 1: furno break in!Edit

Fuse:What chase!......

chase: yes? we are out of coffe......

chase is that all?

fuse: yes

Charge: agent chase me and fuse are going to stop the furnos from geting the Ruby Gem!

Fuse and chaes: Ok!

At the furnos baseEdit

Dr,flame: take the gem run and get away


inferno: bye now go go go

At the musemEdit

Security1:Stop theif!

3d face: RUN!!!

sy clops: hop in!

  • Bang* 3D face: stop right there .

Chase: get him!

fuse: stop!

Chase: Guys we must stop them!

Chapter 2: the chaseEdit

Chase: fuse stop them wait i will pilot and you fight!.

Cooper: chase there getting away keep up!

Spy clops: faster FASTER FASTER!.

3d face: i`m going as fast as i can!

Chase: Look out!!.


Cooper: are you ok?

Fuse: no.

Chase: DUCK!

Duck: quack quack


spy clops: hahahahahahahahha WE HAVE WON!

Chapter 3: at the base Edit

Fuse: sorry chase that we failed the mission!

Chase: thats ok!

Charge: yea!

Spear: as long as your safe!

Swipe!: we will have to win our next mission or inferno will win and that wont be good!

Extra chapter: the duckEdit

Duck: quack....

Swipe: stupid duck! * BANG!*

Duck: quack...........AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Chase: swipe quiet shotting ducks they havent done any thing wrong to you recently have they????????????????

Swipe: yea they have!.

Chase: What?

Swipe: They nearly killed fuse so no i HATE THEM WITH ALL MY HEART