Chapter 1: the inferno base!Edit

Slime face: you robot is ready sir

Inferno: Brilliant!

Spy slops: what do i do?

Inferno: you go in the isc

Spy clops: Ok!

Agents base......Edit

Chase: Hook fuse trace!

Hook fuse and trace: Yes?

Chase : we must find and rescue grace!

Meanwhile at infernos base...

Inferno:HAHAHA i have ultamite power now to power up my robot...


?:Hello there inferno...Rember me?

Inferno: *Gulp* Ha i have grace with me with my robot i shall rule all of lego city! MWHAHAHAHAHAH

Chase: Your mine now ferno!

Inferno:Ah...You see all those times...I treated you well...

Spy clops:Phh...Give me the gem!

Inferno;Okay Lets go...

Grace:*Speach is muffeled*

Inferno:Shut it Fatty

Spy clops:Choose chase:Grace...Or the town...

chase:Well... i have one thing to say and that i*THWAK*

Dr. Inferno:Well chase?...Oh yeah...Your nearly dead HAHAHA

Swift: Chase

Inferno:See you in hell suckers! HAHAHA


To be continued....

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