The nougse are an evil race of beings that are the bane of humanity. They decided to hunt out all humans in the universe because of the fact that they were the only other race advanced enough to control entire galaxies.


  • The Nougse race formed approximately 10,000 years before the humans
  • They reached the Space Age 100 years before humans
  • The Nougse became the main galactic power just as humans became able to travel through space efficiently and effectively
  • 10 years ago, the Nougse decided that humans weren't fit to rule beside them and began a war
  • At first, the Nougse were winning, but when the ingenious Admiral Bitman formed the Galactic Knights, they began to lost the war
  • Now that they are on the defensive, they have begun a subtle offensive on civilians, having nougse drop micro-mind weakening pellets which are invisible to the human eye.