Lt. De Montfort rowed with his guard to the Soldiers' Fort, where he was to drop off the treasure of Loot Island. He knew the Pirates wouldn't suspect it being there first, so it would be safe...for the moment. He arrived and introduced himself, though really unneccessary. He was known across the Imperials' Sea as a great leader.

"Greetings, I am Liuetenant De Monfort of the main trading post below the city. I have treasure for you to look after. I will keep my guard here to watch over it." As soon as he arrived, he had left, alone with nothing but a small boat and two paddles. He was headed for the Trading Post.

Meanwhile, Progner and "Quickshot" were boarding Brickbeard's Ship, where they truthfully told the story of their loss of the treasure. Progner was loyal, and because of this loyalty, Brickbeard was not as mad as he would be with other pirates.

The pirates made a plan to invade the two most important bases of the Imperials, where they were sure they would find the treasure. And so, the plan was to have two leaders: Progner and Brickbeard. Brickbeard would invade the Soldiers' Fort, while Progner would take out the Imperial Trading Post. Because it was most likely to be at the Trading Post (At least in the Pirates' opinion), they would invade using the ship, Brickbeard's Bounty, the ship they were currently aboard.

Brickbeard would take two pirates with him to the fortress: "Quickshot" and another pirate, known as "Iron-Heart". Progner would lead his ship to the Trading Post and try to invade it. All were quiet when the briefing was over. Progner and "Quickshot" said goodbye to each other. This could be their last meeting together, due to the dangers of the sea.

Everyone was ready. They even heard word that the Governer was at the Trading Post, with the important lietenant, Lt. De Montfort. They knew all about the Imperials' ranks and defenses, that a corporal would lead defenses, while an admiral or higher rank would lead offenses. Brickbeard and his two pirates accomanying him left, and where watched until out of site.

And so, Progner set his course for the Imperial Trading Post. "We all been waiting for ye moment to shine! This could be it." The pirates sailed on, ready to face an army...