rakshi are some of the main villans in bioncle battles

episodes with rakshi in themEdit

1.Bioncle Battles Episode 2

2.rahi nui and king only

3.king only

4.Bioncle Battles Series 2 Episode 3: The War of Bara Magna Part 1

known rakshiEdit

1.the rakshi king

2. rakshi(the main fighters)

3.rakshi commander

4.rahi nui


  1. Flame Sword
  2. Flame Staff
  3. Heat Blaster
  4. Jungle Sword (very rarely)


rakshi are the only rahi left in the universe as the shadowed one A.K.A tuma and so the last ever rahi evolved and made more rahi and became the rakshi king and so the rakshi where born

the rakshi king A.K.A the lord of all rahi made the rakshi

rahi nui the rakshi master of heat can make fireballs

a rakshi commander is like a normal rakshi but more gold and has black insted of grey

now look below to see more rakshi!