skrall are the main enemys in bioncle battles


  1. a large club
  2. thornax blaster
  3. energy swords(on tumas back)
  4. a small sword
  5. thornax luancher
  6. mask of power
  7. super massive sword!
  8. sharp teeth

Known skrallEdit

  1. stronius
  2. tuma
  3. nuva skrall
  4. toa skrall
  5. uko the skrall
  6. mualm(was but quit)
  7. metus(but in black and red!)
  8. metus warriors(work for metus)
  9. fero ( he joined the skrall)
  10. scamax( feros ride is a animal)
  11. makuta

episodes with skrall inEdit

  1. Bioncle battles episode1
  2. Bioncle battles episode2
  3. Bioncle battles episode 3
  4. Bioncle battles episode 4
  5. Bioncle battles episode 5
  6. Bioncle battles episode 6: the show down part 1
  7. Bioncle battles episode 7:THE FINAL BATTLE PART 2
  8. Bioncle battles series2 episode 1:return to matanui island
  9. Bioncle battles series2 episode2:REVENGE (tuma only)
  10. Bioncle Battles Series 2 Episode 3: The War of Bara Magna Part 1



A skrall is a specices of angry coldblooded bioncle that hate Tahu, Gresh Tahu.97 mata nui and practicly and good guy.


is the 2nd in comand and is also VERY strong. unlikem most skrall he is tall and has a dad...tuma he 100% HATES TAHU and the gang!


tuma is the evil vicious leader of the skrall LIKES KILLING TOA