Brick Daddy and his crew are walking when a Watch Commander comes to them. "Welome team evil" the commander says. Brick Daddy says "ATTACK". Jawson and Rench pull out they weapons. The Commander takes his cloak off. "The Watch Commader" says Brick Daddy and his crew. A Space Police III Officer comes and sees the commader talking to team evil. The Police Officer takes off his helmet and runs away crying. Everone looks to see what noise was. Team Evil hands the weapons to him. All the villains walk to the headquaters. The Crying Space Officer is crying in the seats. He stops and sees team evil in the headquaters. The Officer jumps behind somes chairs and says "There planing something big". A boom goes off. The space team comes to together. Brick Daddy looks as a trys to find his gun. He has a flashback of the weapon giving to the commander. The door opens as a dark shadow shot everwhere. The Crying Officer screams and gets knocked-out. Team Evil laughs as the shadow looks at team evil. A large scream is heard in the headquaters.

This chapter was featured in a BrickPost issue, February '11.