As Black the Great landed, the Black Hole Gang was awe-struck at the battle fought, short, yet strange. Black walked out of his speeder, then stood still. All the members gathered close to discuss their decision.

"That was good." said Squidman. "He wasn't that tough with the officer, and just sent him spinning. That's it!" said Kranxx. "And-" he was interupted suddenly. "I have my Blacktron disguised as Space Police Officers here!" Kranxx was shocked. He walked up to Black, having Snake close behind for extra security.

"Well, I've made my decision," he said. "And..." Black was ready for a yes, but was disturbed intensely at the reply. "No", he had said. No? No? What was that for? He had worked hard, ready to conquer the galaxy, and this scum said no! He was
Black and Kranxx

All are ready to battle, with pistol at hand

angered at this, suddenly pulling out his blaster, ready to destroy Kranxx for good. But Snake and Kranxx had him outnumbered, so he decided to back away towards his small ship in which he had traveled by.

"Mark my words", he said, "I will return". He flew away, while Kranxx was lowering his defenses until the Blacktron was out of sight.

"Why'd you say no?" asked Squidy, puzzled at the decision. "We plunder for ourselves. He just wants the entire galaxy, and he's crazy! We'll all end up in jail with Frenzy and the others if we go with his idea." Kranxx had made his point. "I have some things to do away from the city. Keep outta jail, will ya?" Kranxx had to prepare, his real goal to keep away from Black and his Blacktron warriors.

And so, Kranxx prepared his ship, not packing much, just some food and a few spare parts or two. "Who'll be in charge while you're gone?" asked Slizer. Kranxx really needed to think about this one, but didn't have that much time to do it. "Snake." He said it quickly and continued his work.

With speeder ready, he got the ignition ready. Next thing, Kranxx flew away. All watched until he was out of sight. Then, the rest got their speeders and starships and decided to ride through the city, looking for some food or supplies, nothing special. Squidman sat there, watching as the rest went off, hungry for rat. He pulled one out, and took a bite out of it. He stayed there, waiting for their return. Every once and a while, a patrol ship would search the area, but Squiddy was good at hiding, and was never spotted.

But this was just the beginning of his troubles...