11:08 a.m.: “Stop there, thief!” was the one phase I mostly said, especially during my shift today. Speaking of today, I yet again had to stop Squidman, a two armed reptilian alien with a crave for money with few expectations when robbing a intergalactic bank, eyes in front of his head, a snake like tongue, and a member of the Black Hole gang, an organization of alien criminals who vandalize, hyper speed, and steal gold, from illegally stealing Arcadian gold. It was my favorite arrest of the week. As soon as I heard he was out there, I rushed to my Raid RVP, a space police hover vehicle, and was off.

As I exited Galaxy City, I was on the tail of Squidman and his X-54 hover glider. But, it seemed like I lost his trail. All I saw was a Squidman like person. I started to ask him questions.

“Have you seen this alien scum?” I asked him, holding a wanted photo of Squidman to him.

“I have definitely seen this criminal,” he responded, oddly sweating at the neck. He looked like he was frightened.

“This is an emergency, sir,” I told him, “If we don’t find him….”

“I know, I know,” he sarcastically responded.

“Thanks anyways,” I told him, starting to head forward. Once I was done speaking, I finally knew why that man looked like Squidman. That’s because he was Squidman. I was grateful that I hadn’t gone too far away. I turned my Raid RVP around, only to find out that he drop Arcadian gold bricks (which is 2,000,000 earth dollars each) and had rode off. It turned out that he was hyper speeding at exactly 94 mph. Everybody in Galaxy City became worried about their safety. With Squidman still lose; he could easily rob the 1st Intergalactic Bank of Galaxy City again. So, I decided to try to arrest him again. This time, it was going to be different. I rode in the Max Security Transport, a 4-weeled hyper pursuer, instead. As I was starting to start the Max Security Transport, the vehicle was as cold as a February night. I then headed towards the bank. From the end of my eye, I spotted Squidman’s vehicle across the street, parked at the elementary school. It turned out he was trying to rob the bank again. As soon as he saw me coming, he disguised himself as another citizen. Luckily, because of my last experience with Squidman, I knew him when I saw him. I didn’t hesitate to try to arrest Squidman.

“Stop there, thief!” I kept calling out to Squidman. But, he didn’t slow down or stop. Boy, that unknown foreign reptilian scum did know how to make an officer tiered. Then and there, I again had lost his trail. Finally, I discover him vandalizing the walls of the bank. Man, his grammar was awful. I snuck behind him, grabbed his hands, and put a pair of handcuff on them.

“Congratulations, you caught me,” Squidman sarcastically said.

“Squidman, you under arrest for illegally smuggling and stealing Arcadian gold and vandalism, old friend,” I proudly announced, walking him to the arrest pod in the back. I then placed him in the pod, closed the top, and got back into the Max Security Transport.

“All units, be advised to a 45 in progress (which is the shooting at an officer),” said Blair, our female informant, “Rench (who is the cousin of another Black Hole member, Kranxx) is fully armed and needs to be approached with caution.” Once I heard that, it would cost me 15 of my shifts to bring him to justice. This was going to be great.

End of Transmission.

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