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Chapter 1: Suigi wins!Edit

Lewis: Wha? your planning to... steal a Holcrom?

Suigi: He knows... *Suigi stabs Lewis*

Lewis: *Groan* I must tell Comander Ta...

Lewis blacked out !

"Back at the base"

Commander Tahu: This time of need is at a most hurting time...So thats why you should welcome....Lance the Camofluage and...Agatha the Camofluage.

Agatha: Hello there! We must kill the Hunters!

Count dooku: Ah but i'm HERE! *He unleashs his new duel bladed lightsaber* HAHAHA!

Lance: Fire!

Potter: AH i've...Been hit...AH!

Anikan: You again! You wont win me again!

Count Dooku: HYYA!

Anikan: *Use,s jedi force powers* Your feeling bored and want to go back to base

Count Dooku: I am bored and i am going to go back to base!.

Anikan: Good...Where is lewis?

???: Hey ??? i have to go to the base on Pakita moon!.

???:All right!

5 minutes later...Edit

Anikan: Huh? a Holocrom is gone... OH no! and... A moon stone!


To be continued!