This is a part of the Lego star wars: the 74th legion General tahu:So yoda...What about the new recruits

Yoda: Oh well...There are 2 new members on your squad!

General Tahu: who are they

Yoda: Meet Tyler and chris!

Tyler:Hey dude sup?

Chris:The universe

Chapter 1: Sent down to planet marsEdit

Anikan: Now down on this planet you must distroy the droid tanks ok?

All: Yes sir,sir!

Anikan: May the foce be with you all!

  • Anikan teleports*

sargent SKP: well now then...We all stay close and just shoot the tanks ok?

Comander Slasher:But...Me and lewis will go around and look for Hunters.

sargent SKP :Allright lets go slasher

Droid 1: Um cad bane sir...Look 2 clone trooper comanders are heading for us

Cad bane:Heh...Fire boys...*Unleashs red lightsaber* Ill go out and fight them!

C slasher:You again

C lewis:Put that down

Cad bane:Alright...HAH!

C leiws: Take this

  • a dozen bullets fired*

Cad bane:HAH my lightsaber deflects them!.

Suigi: I will shoot the net boss!

  • Net is shot*

C lewis:HELP!

Cad bane:Now he will teleport away!.HAAHA!

Slasher:NO! i must tell SKP and tahu!

Tahu:WHAT he is gone...Alright we must fly back to our base!

Chapter 2: V.S suigiEdit

Lewis: RAH...HYYA!...........YES IM FREE!.

Suigi:HAH! your no match for me! your team will die. Lewis bring it on *grabs purple lightsaber* sugi:*unfolds dual gold saber* bring it on you @$$-ħőļ€ Lewis:hya *zap zap zoom* Sugi: *pushs lewis* stand down!...NOW Lewis:why do you need a holocrom? Sugi: for our universe bomb HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA TO...BE...CONTINUED!