Tahu is a Bioncle in Bioncle Battles.

About TahuEdit

Tahu is a VERY strong Toa of Fire apearing in most if not every Bioncle Battles episodes as a main Bioncle unlike Gresh. He is red and is destined to put on the Golden Armor.he can surf on magma unlike gresh! In series 2 of bionicle battles he turned into a Toa Nuva along with Gresh. He has a vengance with the piraka because they killed his mum and dad.

Episodes that Tahu is inEdit

  1. Bioncle Battles Episode 1
  2. Bioncle battles episode2
  3. Bioncle battles episode 3
  4. Bioncle battles episode 4
  5. Bioncle battles episode 5
  6. Bioncle battles episode 6: the show down part 1
  7. Bioncle battles episode 7:THE FINAL BATTLE PART 2
  8. Bioncle battles series2 episode 1:return to matanui island
  9. Bioncle battles series2 episode2:REVENGE
  10. Bioncle Battles Series 2 Episode 3: The War of Bara Magna Part 1


  1. Tahu is a Toa of Fire
  2. Tahu is the Toa that is destined to put on the Golden Armor
  3. He has gone to Matanui Island
  4. He likes to stay with Gresh when battling
  5. He does not like the Rakshi kings as one day they killed his Mum and dad as an act of vengance.
  6. He likes to use his flame sword to set his fists on fire and punch magma punches.
  7. Unlike Gresh he can surf on magma.
  8. he is in legend destinined to become somthing...


Tahu·97 is tahu from the future but tahu dosent know that yet...