Okbar Shale had always known that he was destined for greatness. Somehow he had not imagined greatness to be equivalent to being thrust into a pit of acid wearing only his underwear. As he was lowered closer and closer, Okbar thought over his lifetime; Finding that his parents weren't his real parents, entering the Galactic Knights at age 14, and quickly rising in popularity among the ranks of the Knights.

But this was not to be-he was about to be dropped into a pit of acid by angry Nougse on a distant planet was about to end this prodigy's life.

Right when he had given up hope, Okbar Shale heard a laser fire. Two of his teamates, Colonel Johnson and Dirk Nothur had burst into the room with lasers and were gunning down the Nougse. The unarmed Nougse fled, screaming.

"Glad we got there when we did or all that would have been left of you is plastic and your hat," said Johnson, "I thought you were a goner."
"Does this really matter...we just saved the newbie of the Knights and did nothing but anger the Nougse even more," said Dirk, "Let's bust this joint."

With that, Dirk took out his hyper-rocket and blew a hole through the forest. As they tramped along, Dirk grumbled as usual, while Johnson and Shale chatted idly.

When they got to their ship, Admiral Bitman was there to greet them.

"I see that you have rescued Pvt. Shale! Great work! Come with me, there is an important matter to discuss."